The NTU Welcome Music Festival is a gift to new students,
as well as a way to convey greetings and blessings through singing and dancing.
This year’s theme of “Join the Fun” symbolizes the endless joys of university life,
from meeting new friends in student societies to exploring new knowledge and broadening our horizons together.

But first, let’s “Join the Fun”.

Sing and dance on the stage,

Have fun together off the stage!


NTU Fire Dance Club

Programme: No One Dares to Call Me Fat

With traditional Chinese music and popular music as the background, this performance integrates the physical style of modern dance to showcase the beauty of fire dancing.


*We present Tonic 5 ‘s “Tai Opera", a song that reconstructs the melody of traditional Taiwanese opera and combines Jazz and Rock to create a brand new style of music.




NTU Wind Band

Programme: Jounetsu Tairiku

"Jounetsu Tairiku", a composition with an enthusiastic style, features a Tango-styled intro, followed by a Latin-styled allegro. We hope to give you an impressive performance.




Melody Lyric Club

Programme: Sing Our Songs

We dedicate ourselves to song-writing in the hope of expressing our thoughts and feelings through music. Come and join us!






Not just a small guitar with fewer strings, it’s a ukulele! Through two adapted songs, people will come to appreciate the beautiful sound of the ukulele. Let’s become “UKUMANIACS” together!



Pop Music Club

Programme: The Voice of Dream

How do dreams become reality? Listen to the songs, and you will understand the story we’re telling — staying faithful to our hearts is the path to letting dreams fly.




NTU Acoustic Guitar Club

Programme: 10 minutes · Guitar club · In your heart

Featuring two songs with uplifting melodies and captivating harmonies, “10 minutes · Guitar club · In your heart” is set to give the audience an unforgettable performance.



NTU Flyingnotes Acappella

Programme: Just A Minute at My Favorite Things

NTU FLYINGNOTES ACAPPELLA is dedicated to creating new possibilities of music by performing songs without instrumental accompaniment.



NTU MV Dance Club

Programme: b!ud p。ng

We will be performing a dance cover of “Maniac” and “Ping Pong”. By covering these two popular K-pop songs, we hope to show people the joy and enthusiasm we dance with.



NTU Musical Club

Programme: What Do You Do with a Whole New School

Explore the mysteries and wonders of university life with NTU Musical Club through singing and theatrical performance!

Come join us and discover the enchanting magic of musicals!




NTU Cheerleading

Programme: Cheerleaders: My Superman

Like Superman, hold up the pyramid.

Like Superman, fly up into the air, whirl and land.

Like Superman, lift heavy objects with one hand, oh, I mean girls.

Cheerleaders: my Superman.



Guest Performer:

Nominated for Best Band at the 27th Golden Melody Awards and Best Live Performance and Best Band at the 9th Golden Indie Music Awards, Cosmospeople is a Taiwanese band with an eclectic musical style that integrates Funk, Disco, Jazz, Soul, and R&B.

Programme Guide

The organizer reserves the right to amend, change or cancel the event.

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